He should have known better.  Every instinct in his body had told him the guy was a waster.  He kicked at a stone angrily.  How could he have been so stupid?  It was obvious as soon as he set eyes on the kid he couldn't be trusted. It was in the shoes, always the shoes.  If there was one thing he'd learned in his shitty fifteen years of life - the shoes told you everything about a man.  And this kids tatty but fashionable trainers said waster and sure enough the fuck had legged it without paying.

Yeah he could have chased the kid, beat him to a fucking pulp, no less than he deserved, but he was pissed at himself.  He'd let his stupid, idiotic sense of romance overrule his need to survive.  The kid was his age and for all the warning signs, it felt good to be approached by someone other than the usual greasy punters.  It made him feel. he rummaged for the word to describe it and grunted out a laugh when he came up with attractive.

That was a joke.  He knew what he was - nothing more than a pretty piece of meat for the highest bidder to consume and discard.  He was invisible to people his own age.  Only dirty old men, using their money to get what would otherwise be unavailable to them, saw him and knew what he was.

That's why it had felt so good.  When the kid had approached him shyly, head down, hands in pockets, voice barely audible.  Making him feel almost human, disarming his survival instincts.  He was lucky there hadn't been a gang of them waiting behind the bushes ready to kick his head in.  Instead he was just down a few quid for a blowjob, no harm done.  It wasn't the worst thing to happen in his life.  Just last week. He shook his head not wanting to remember, to admit there were still things that these freaks could take from him.

He'd barely reached his spot by the big old oak tree, when a hand landed on his shoulder.  He spun round to face a large but familiar man.

"There you are I thought I was going to have to go with Stano," the man said.

He nodded and lowered his head, catching a glimpse of the guys well kept brogues, before leading the way.



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