Welcome to Rossy's Intergalactic Ramblings.  Normally, at The Authors Haunt, authors are required to submit a minimum of ten stories and/or poems before they are granted Resident Author status, but a special exception has been made in this case for the reasons explained below.


Before The Authors Haunt was born, Rob Hawes ran a similar site called The Hub.  Rossy was hosted at The Hub, though he decided to leave the site just before it closed in 2008.  It was always hoped that one day Rossy would be hosted here at The Authors Haunt, but sadly in February 2009, Rossy died.


He was an immensely talented author and poet, and a kind, intelligent young man, who was taken from this world far too soon.  All the members of The Authors Haunt who knew him mourned his passing, and many agreed that this tribute site, based on the design created for his work at The Hub, would be a fitting way to show our respect for him.


After his death, Rossy's mother Lindsay contacted The Authors Haunt's Site Administrator Rob Hawes to inform him of his passing.  With the kind permission of Rossy's family, some of his work has been made available to readers as a lasting tribute to his talent, passion and life.


Wherever you are now, Rossy, your friends at The Authors Haunt hope you have found the peace you so richly deserve.